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Frequently asked questions:

Q:How do you make music using Boomwhackers?
A:Although the instruments can be played by an individual, it is recommended that the tubes are played as a group. Sound is created by whacking the tube against any number of surfaces. The harder the surface, the stronger and brighter the attack will be. The “truest” sound is produced when striking the surface of the tubes about a 1/4 of the way down from the top of the tube and being careful not to cover the open end of the tube with your gripping hand.
Q:What is Chroma Notes?
A:Chroma Notes is the color system that Boomwhackers uses to designate the notation of each tube and serves as a visual reference for those who are learning music and music theory. Chroma Notes are available as “stick-ons” and may be placed on existing instruments such as pianos, xylophones, melodicas, etc.,to enable the instruments to be played using any current notation for Boomwhackers, or played from the Whacky Chroma-Notes Composer software or other commercial music notation programs such as Finale® and Sibelius®. The stickers are reusable and leave no residue on the instrument and may be purchased here through the Rhythm Band Website. There are also instruments in the Chroma Notes line pre-colored to match the Boomwhackers color theme such as these Resonator Bells.
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Boomwhackers Mallets (soft rubber)

BOOMWACKERS Soft Rubber Mallets Description: Use with the Tube Holder or make it easier to play the shorter Tubes of the Treble Extension Set. Includes one pair of 11-inch wooden mallets with 1-inc…


Boomwhackers Octavator Caps (8pcs)

BOOMWACKERS BASS 1 Octavvator  Caps Description: Consists of the 5 sharps/flats for our bass octave. This Set combines with the Bass Diatonic Set to yield a lower chromatic scale, or combines nice…


Boomwhackers Chromatics regular octave scale set

BOOMWACKERS Chromatics regular octave Description: Consists of the 5 sharps/flats for our standard octave. It forms a different pentatonic scale, which has its own pleasing sound and combines with …


Boom-A-Tunes Vol 1

Boomwhackers Boom-A-Tunes Vol 1  


Boomwhackers Tube Time (Various)

Boomwhackers Tube Time (Various) Book and CD Delight young children with the bright colors and unique sounds of Boomwhackers®. This teacher-friendly material is written for teachers and music s…


Boom-A-Tunes Vol 2

Boomwhackers Boom-A-Tunes Vol 2  


Boom-A-Tunes Vol 3

This series by Ellen Foncannon is the foundation for teaching kids how to use Boomwhackers and getting the most educational value from them.


Boomwhackers Bag

The Boomwhackers Carry Bag is available individually to store and transport your Boomwhackers. Holds 28.


Boomwhackers Xylo-tote tube holder

BOOMWACKERS Xylo-tote tube holder Description: A whole new way to play your Boomwhackers Tuned Percussion Tubes™ like a xylophone! Used as a carrier, it accommodates 8 Boomwhackers Musical Tubes,…


Boomwhackers Diatonic Scale Set

BOOMWACKERS C Maj Scale Set Consists of 8 notes: C’ to C”. The Diatonic Set allows more songs to be played and has been preferred over the pentatonic scale by most music educators and people mo…


Boomwhackers Bass Chromatics (5pcs)

BOOMWACKERS BASS 1 Octave Chromatics Description: Consists of the 5 sharps/flats for our bass octave. This Set combines with the Bass Diatonic Set to yield a lower chromatic scale, or combines nice…


Opus Percussion 8-Note Diatonic Handbell Set

Manufactured to the highest standards, the top quality construction and accurate intonation make these bells the best value available.