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Cabasas are a 20th century imatation of wrapped gourd shakers. These handy shakers may be played in a variety of ways and are useful in comercial and pop music as well as classroom percussion. The Groove Warehouse has a wide variety of these cute instruments. 

Mano 6" Cabasa

Mano Percussion 6" x 2.5" Cabaza


Red Cabasa (Various)

Red Cabasas (Various)


Percussion Plus Cabasa

Percussion Plus Cabasa


Pearl Maracabasa

Maraca Cabasa hybrid instrument


CPK 12 x 4" 12 Row Cabasa

CPK 12 x 4" 12 Row Cabasa


Toca Cabasa Black

Gary Says: A seriously nice cabasa, with a soft padded handle so you can keep grooving all day long!


LP Afuche/Cabasa (Various)

LP Afuche/Cabasa (Various) Developed and introduced by LP over 40 years ago, the Afuche®/Cabasa has become one of the most essential percussion instruments in history. Loops of steel bead are wrap…