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The Groove Warehouse has a huge selection of amazing Djembes for purchase, hire and study. We have traveled to the far reaches of the planet to provide some of the finest instruments available at wonderful prices. Come in, join a class and play one of our Djembes. We feature brands like Toca, Tycoon, Samba World Percussion, Meinl, LP and much much more!


SWP Djembe Hat Cover (various)

SWP Djembe Hat cover


SWP 7.25 x 13" PVC Djembe (Various)

SWP 7.25 x 13" PVC Djembe 


SWP Djembe 7” Chip Carved

This is a great litte Djembe, perfect for a gift!


Toca 7" Djembe Pastel (Various)

TOCA COLORSOUND DJEMBES Special Instore Spring Sale $69 Most would agree that the best part of drumming is having fun-and Toca's new Freestyle ColorSound Djembes are all about fun! We carry a w…


SWP 10" Pro Djembe Kente

  Samba World Percussion African Djembe 1” diameter x 49cm height, tribal finish


SWP 10" Pro Djembe Tribal

  Samba World Percussion African Djembe 10” diameter x 20" height, tribal finish


Djembe 10" Wood Real Feel Skin

SWP 10" Wood Djembe


SWP Djembe 10'' PVC Fibre Head Lug Tuned Kente

Samba World Percussion 10" Djembe 10” diameter x 50cm height, kente finish, pvc body and tuned with lugs Natural goat head Gary Says " This is a great alternative with the option to rep…


TOCA 10" Freestyle Seamless Djembe - Purple

Toca 10" Freestyle Djembe - Purple


SWP 12" Pro Djembe Various

  Samba World Percussion African Djembe


TOCA 12" Freestyle Seamless Djembe - Kente

Toca 12" Freestyle Djembe - Kente


SWP 12" Djembe PVC Lug Tuned

Samba World Percussion Lug Tuned Djembe 12” diameter x 60cm height, tribal finish, pvc body and tuned with lugs Synthetic head Easy to replace skin Great for schools