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The benefits of music education in primary and secondary schools stretch far beyond that of simply learning how to read and play music. It promotes the student’s ability to think creatively, helps to train areas of the brain that focus on logic and reasoning, and builds within students an appreciation of other cultures. Music education also helps to improve a student’s spatial awareness, promote skills in teamwork and discipline, and even help them perform better in standardised tests. And these are just a small sample of the potential benefits they could gain by learning music with classroom drums and other instruments.

If you’re looking for drums for school use or even for a private tuition centre, Groove Warehouse is proud to assist you with all your drum and percussion needs.

Discover the Groove Warehouse difference

Groove Warehouse was established in 2015 by Gary France (former Associate Professor and Head of the ANU School of Music) to professionally accommodate the need for classroom drums and other percussion instruments in order to provide a healthy music education program. Directors Gary and Sandra France believe that teachers in schools perform a vital role not only in maintaining the growth and diversity of the Australian Music Industry, but in equipping young people with the skills to enjoy and perform music.

Most people are aware of the many studies undertaken throughout the world where research convincingly establishes that an education in aspects of music does play a vital role in the development of children. At Groove Warehouse, we’re committed to helping to promote and maintain the industry which merchants, teachers and performers share together.

When you’re looking for drums for school or a range of percussion instruments for your tuition centre, please contact us for advice on all your percussion and classroom needs.

One of the earliest concepts a child learns in music class at school is the difference between beat and rhythm. The beat is the tempo or pace at which the piece of music is played, while the rhythm is the way the notes sound when played in sequence. Very often, the way music students learn the difference is with the use of classroom percussion instruments.

These instruments require the striking of two items together to make a noise, for example a drum, a triangle or maracas, as well as less familiar instruments like the vibraslap, the multi-tone wood block and the conga. These classroom percussion instruments introduce students to the concepts of beat and rhythm in a way that promotes creativity, variety and fun!

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Groove Warehouse stocks a great selection of percussion instruments for school music programs, with options that are perfect for students of almost any age. Whether you’re looking for a specific item or require a comprehensive classroom percussion pack, we have options to suit your needs. Browse our range and place your order online today – we deliver across Australia.

The Groove Warehouse is a proud member and sponsor of ACTMEN/ASME