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LP Guiro Scraper (Torpedo) 12 Pronged

The fork-style Torpedo Scraper is designed to get loud, cutting giro sounds. Its durable design and comfortable handle makes the Torpedo Scraper a great choice.


PP Large Wooden Fish Shaped Guiro

Percussion Plus multi-coloured select wood shell guiro. Large fish shape cylindrical tapered shell with red, natural and green coloured ends. Hand painted. 


Mano Wood Shell Guiro

2½” diameter. Cylindirical shell with painted red ends. 8" ribbed playing area with two finger holes. Complete with wooden scraper.


Mano Guiro Tone Frog

Mano Guiro tone frog


SWP Guiro Fiberglass

Guiro Samba World Percussion Made from fiberglass which is best for durability and sound properties


Mano Latin Metal Guiro (Large)

Large Guiro Gioros


TYCOON TP6435 Wooden Guiro

TYCOON Wooden Guiro Constructed of specially formulated plastic to enhance durability Designed to have similar shape, sound, and feel to traditional guiros made from natural gourds Precisely…


LP Super Guiro

LP Super Guiro


LP Torpedo Large

An LP original, the Torpedo can be scraped, for a classic guira sound, and shaken at the same time for an additional sonic dimension. This dual-purpose instrument features a textured, stainless-steel …