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Holiday Specials

Holiday Specials




Suck Drumstick Pen

Drum Stick Pens


Suck Drumstick Pencil

Drum Stick Pencils


GW Resonator Bells

GW Plastic Resonator Bells of exceptional quality


Boomwhackers Diatonic Scale Set

BOOMWACKERS C Maj Scale Set Consists of 8 notes: C’ to C”. The Diatonic Set allows more songs to be played and has been preferred over the pentatonic scale by most music educators and people mo…


Mitello 9 Note Kalimba

Mitello 9 Note Kalimba


Remo Rhythm Club Bongos 5" x 6"

Remo Rhythm Club Bongos 5" x 6" The Rhythm Club bongos are so cool. Place them on the floor and let the kids take care of the rest. Featuring bright molded feet and bottoms for durabililty and soun…


Makala Dolphin Bridge Ukulele various

Makala Dolphin Bridge Soprano Ukulele (various)


SWP Djembe 7” Chip Carved

This is a great litte Djembe, perfect for a gift!


Toca 7" Djembe Pastel (Various)

TOCA COLORSOUND DJEMBES Special Instore Spring Sale $69 Most would agree that the best part of drumming is having fun-and Toca's new Freestyle ColorSound Djembes are all about fun! We carry a w…


Sansula Kalimba 7 Tone C-Pentatonic

THE HOKEMA SANSULA The Sansula is one of the most beautiful sounding kalimbas on the planet. It represents a confluence of superfine German engineered kalimba tines and metal pieces, a wonderful tu…


Himalayan Singing Bowls

Himilayan Singing Bowls 1 - 1.5 kilos 


SWP 10" Pro Djembe Kente

  Samba World Percussion African Djembe 1” diameter x 49cm height, tribal finish