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Regal Tip

Regal Tip

Regal Tip Classic Hickory Jazz Nylon Tip

Great for soft articulate playing with the advantage of the durable 100% extruded nylon tips.


Regal Tip But Naked 9A Wood Tip

Everything you know and love about the 9A's, minus the lacquer, providing a natural wood feel.  The big brother to the 8A, this stick combines the great articulation of the 8A with the added weigh…


Regal Tip Classic Hickory Jazz Wood Tip

A great stick for any style of Jazz or soft playing. This stick offers both clear articulation and a soft touch. Combine that with the added reach over the 7A (207R), and you get a stick that'll get y…


Regal Tip Blastick Wood Handle

These blasticks are perfect for any musical situation where a lighter feel than a stick is required.


Regal Tip Hard Felt Cymbal Mallets

Our  RTH-1  features a double-tapered shaft and a hard-pile felt head.  Great for cymbal swells as well as tom patterns.