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CPK 6" Transparent Tambourine (various)

CPK 6" Transparent Blue Tambourine CPK 6" tambourine. Non-tunable. Transparent blue plastic rim with clear plastic head. 5 pairs of jingles in single row. Also available in transparent pink.  T…


Tambourine 6" Red Wood w/skin

This is a great classroom instrument. Painted wooden frame and real skin with 8 jingles! 


PP Headless Tambourine (Various)

Headless Tambourine (Various) 8" - 12 Jingles 9"- 12 Jingles


Tambourine w/skin (various) wooden frame

Tambourine w/skin (various) wooden frame


Tambourine  w/skin plastic frame (various)

Tambourine  w/skin plastic frame (various)


Tambourine 1/2 Moon (Various)

Tambourines 1/2 Moon (Various)


Opus Percussion Power Tambourine

This is a great tambourine for new percussionists. Easy to grip with a nice, bright sound. 


Meinl Foot Tambourine

FOOT TAMBOURINE The Foot Tambourine is a perfect compliment for virtually any instrument. It’s light and versatile, yet not overpowering, delivering a sensitive accompaniment. Easily mounted on y…


LP Foot Tambourine

LP Foot Tambourine


TYCOON TP6965 Hand Held Tambourine

TYCOON Hand Held Tambourines, Steel Jingles Designed for maximum playability in every musical situation Awesome for Schools, very durable and sound carries well with good articulation Chrome…


Rhythm Tech Pro 11 Tambourine

Rhythm Tech Pro 11 Tambourine 


Toca Hitzone Hi Hat Tambourine

Toca Hitzone Hi Hat Tambourine The Hi-Hat Hit Zone Tambourine is designed to attach snugly on top of your hi-hat stand and is equipped with 2 durable rubber "hit zones" to allow you to create a dif…