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Trap Tables

Trap Tables

Trap Tables

  • Percussion accessory and hand percussion tables
  • Transportable
  • Height adjustable
  • Soft surface to surpress noise when placing items down etc


XTREME Percussion Table

The Xtreme trap table is an economical solution for your percussion accessories. 


Dixon PSR-MT Mini Percussion Trap Table

The Dixon mini trap table is a small portable tray that clamps on to any stand providing that little bit of extra real estate for the performing percussionist. Great for music theatre etc. . A molded …


LP Performance Tray

Puts percussion and other accessories where you need them, at arm's reach, securely mounted.


Manhasset Percussion Trap Table

Manhasset Percussion Trap Table Large 14" x 18" table has carpet padding for quiet handling of percussion instruments. Three edges are raised so that percussion instruments will not roll off of …


LP Aspire Percussion Table

The LP Aspire Percussion Table is an elegant table for all sorts percussion instruments and accessories. Lightweight great for traveling.


Dixon PSR500 Percussion Trap Table

The Dixon PSR500 trap table is large enough to hold a wide selection of hand held instruments but strong enough to hold significant wright. A molded fiberglass body is covered with felt to allow the p…


Yamaha Rolling Glock Stand and Trap Table Cart

Yamaha Rolling Trap Table


LP Percussion Table

The LP Percussion Table is a delux heavy duty table with cross bars and posts for mounting and hanging all sorts percussion instruments and accessories. Perfect for the concert band and orchestra.  …