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The Xylophone is often a percussionist's first concert keyboard instrument. The Groove Warehouse hand selects instruments that best provide value, quality and durability. Your choices for the actual bars range from synthetic bars (incredibly durable) to wood bars, such as Padauk, Light Rosewood and Honduras select Rosewood (best for a beautiful, warm tone). Please contact the Groove Warehouse for advise on your playing situation and budget. Schools may have a particular needs for durability, projection etc. We are here to assist you in your selection. 


Korogi ECO32 2.5 octave Desktop Xylophone

Korogi 2.5 Octave Desktop Xylophone Korogi’s Desktop Xylophones are the ideal instrument for the beginning percussion student as a longer-lasting, more pleasant-sounding alternative to a beginnin…


Stagg 3 Octave Xylophone

The Stagg STYLOSET37 is a 37-note xylophone and stand ideal for students, good tuning, great carry bag.


Korogi X37K 3.0 octave Xylophone

Xylophones have been an important product for Korogi since the company began building desk xylophones for Japanese schools in 1949.


Adams XSLD35 Desktop Xylophone and Stand

Adams XSLD35 Desktop Xylophone and Stand


Adams Soloist 4 octave C4 - C8 Light Rosewood Xylophone

Adams Xylophone Soloist, Model: XS2LV40


Yamaha YX135 Xylophone 3.5 octaves F - C Padauk bars

YAMAHA YX-135 Xylophone


Yamaha YX35G Xylophone 3.5 octaves C - F Padauk bars

YAMAHA YX35G Xylophone


Majestic 3.5 Octave Padauk Bar Xylophone

Majestic 3.5-Octave Padauk Bar Xylophone This instrument showcases 3.5 octaves of precision-tuned padauk wood bars. The classic American quint-tuning style is applied to an extended range on al…


Adams Soloist 4 octave C4 - C8 Rosewood Xylophone

Adams Xylophone Soloist, XS1HV40


Majestic MX7540P, 4 Octave Padauk bars Xylophone

MAJESTIC XYLOPHONE (4 OCTAVE) Xylophone Padauk bars


Majestic MX7535H 3.5 Octave Rosewood Bar Xylophone

Majestic MX7535H 3.5-Octave Rosewood Bar Xylophone


Yamaha YX500R Xylophone 3.5 octaves F1 - C5 Rosewood bars

YAMAHA YX500R Xylophone